3 años de adicción al diseño: Brian Ling, Design Sojourn

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Brian Ling, del blog Design Sojourn, es un diseñador multidisciplinal ganador de varios premios como diseñador industrial trabajando en proyectos para empresas como GE, Ericsson, HP y Philips. Creó Design Sojourn en el 2005, con la idea de compartir sus ideas acerca de diseño y ahora este blog a evolucionado a una agencia de diseño que provee de estrategias y soluciones de diseño industrial a empresas. DS es uno de mis blogs favoritos, ya que Brian cuenta con lujo de detalle sus experiencias trabajando en todo tipo de proyectos. Para Designaholic, DS ha sido una gran influencia, así que tenía que invitar a Brian a este especial de aniversario. Aquí sus respuestas.

What changes have you noticed in the design World & Business in the last 3 years?

The internet continues to change how consumers see, engage and buy products and brands. As a result businesses have been looking at different ways to market their brand and conducting consumer research. As design is related to this discussion, this means that the way we design things will also have to change.

Hardware and software have to work together in a seamless experience, brands have to contend with smarter consumers, and businesses have to compete by not just being good but by being the best. Good is now a given.

Tell us about your last 3 years – Anythig you would like to share?

The last three years have been a roller-coaster ride for me, and I believe for also everyone else. The financial crisis started by the Lehman Brothers scandal created shock waves that spread wide and far. I think everyone felt the effects in one way or another. It was also at this time that I had made my most difficult career decision to date and that was to leave the comfort of corporate life and start my own design consulting business.

The reality was that there is no such thing as a secure or comfortable job. As long as you do not own the company, you are at mercy of your employer’s whims and fancies. I also had to take stock or my life and re-access my priorities. I was struggling with an unhealthy lifestyle of long and irregular hours and had very little time with my family.

Having lived through 2 recessions (the other the Asian financial crisis) I knew I had to take control of my career, and if anything this is my biggest accomplishment to date, making the decision to take control AND do something about it.

Gives us 3 things to look out for in the next 3 years:

I would say that design is starting to change and will change significantly in the next 3 years.

1) I think time is ripe for a credible competitor to Apple to emerge. Not necessary in the same industry. Everyone one knows what it will need to do to become another Apple, the problem is taking the first steps. But someone eventually will.

2) Design thinking is not going away and should sort its troubles out. Designers will start to find employment in non-traditional areas and will get to influence in important roles in areas far and wide. Design can finally position itself strategically to tackle the wicked problems and finally help humanity.

3) The internet is the great equalizer, and the wisdom (and power) of the Crowd will make itself heard. With cheap software tools, anyone can be a designer. With Crowd-funding platforms, a such as the one I am helping create at CKIE (www.ckie.com), helping put the creator and buyer together, the definition of what we call a Designer will change.


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